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The gateway to the profession of arms in Canada

The Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) is the gateway to the profession of arms in Canada. All members of the Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force component, whether English or French, Non-Commissioned Members or Officers, Navy, Army or Air Force, come to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu for their basic training.


Train and professionally develop the next CAF generation morally, mentally, physically and intellectually in order to uphold excellence in the profession of arms and to meet CAF intake requirements.


World class training, delivered safely, respectfully and efficiently, using transformational leadership, and maximizing retention and success.

CFLRS is also…

CFLRS is also responsible for Professional Development programs of both Officers and Non-Commissioned Members.
CFLRS is a bilingual training facility located at the Saint-Jean Garrison in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec that employs more than 500 military members from across Canada, as well as 100 civilian employees.
Every year, more than 5,000 people begin their military career at CFLRS, while 3,000 military members train via Distance Learning.
Basic training is 12 weeks for Non-Commissioned Members and 14 weeks for Officers.
CFLRS hosts approximately 30 end of course ceremonies annually that are attended by families and friends of graduates from across Canada to celebrate the success of their loved ones.
On average, approximately 500 guests attended each end of course ceremony and benefitted from the region’s hotels and restaurants.
CFLRS will celebrate its 50th anniversary on April 1st, 1968. For the occasion, the jubilee celebrations will start on April 1st, 2017, the day of the 49th anniversary, and will culminate on April 1st, 2018.